Michael Bedoian

Peaceful Coexistence

Artwork by Michael Bedoian

Michael w bear.jpg

These two quotes and the number "3" are what inspire me to paint. The first quote is by Chief Seattle, 

Man did not weave the web of life, he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the strand, he does to himself.

The second is, 

What you say, think and do will affect seven generations to come.

And last are three women: my mom, aunt and grandma. 

As a small boy living in the suburbs of Chicago, my grandma and aunt would come to my house, sit at the kitchen table with my mother and oil paint. I would stand by them and absorb everything they did. Their paintings and their love graced our home and every day of our families lives. However, as time would have it, they are no longer on this Earth but their paintings are half a lifetime later. Today, I find myself embraced and loved by three more women - my two daughters and wife of thirty-three years. This love and support fuels my passion for this miracle we call life, and to share what has been within me since standing by those three women as a boy. 

A great awakening is taking place on this planet. One that moves away from war and to peaceful coexistence. A painting becomes part of the web of life once complete. It will be viewed long after I am gone.....seven generations.

This is why I paint. 

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